Radio Impuls

Quality radios are few in the Czech ether. One of the more high-quality radios is the Impuls radio. You can hear everything you wish. Regular news, information from the world and news that you will be interested in, and behind all this is a good quality music, which is played in different chapters. You do not have to worry that the Impuls radio will disappoint you, even if you listen to it all day, you will not tire of you, and vice versa, you will love it even more. For both big and small, for girls and boys, for the whole family and for all this is the favorite radio. You tune it all over the Czech Republic and you will be a companion on long journeys or at work.
You can even win!
In addition to the great entertainment that the Impuls radio will give you, you will also be offered competitions. You can connect either via the Internet or via mobile, it's up to you. You'll love this radio, and believe that after a short both of you will be more unlistened.