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Why the Services of Truck Accident Lawyers Are Vital

Trucks and semi-trucks are important in the commercial industry. Transportation of products is only possible between locations with the help of these trucks. Sadly, you will find these trucks to be part of road accidents. With truck accidents, not only are damages expected to the vehicles but also injuries to the drivers of the truck and those of other vehicles. All parties involved in the accident will go through dire consequences. That is why the services of professional truck accident lawyers come in handy. When it comes to truck accident lawyers, you have many options out there.

Every year, more or less 400,000 accidents happen on the road that involve commercial vehicles. What often comprise commercial vehicles involve semi-trucks, box trucks, commercial vans, commercial buses, and the like. Most of the time, truck accidents involve collisions with other passenger or personal vehicles. When it comes to packed trucks, they can easily weigh as much as 60 tons each. When a truck travels at a speed of 65 MPH, it often requires a stopping distance on the road of about 400 feet. Such a distance is not the one that a non-commercial truck or regular vehicle will require, which is usually 160 feet. With only the power of an 18-wheeler, a collision can send it straight to the sides of a building or a store.

The consequences of most if not all commercial trucks involving other cars and trucks often imply a serious wreck due to their massive size. Most of the time, the consequences of these accidents are lethal and severe injuries. The transport of combustible products or dangerous chemical substances can even lead to more serious injuries. Secondary traumas can happen to these hazardous truck accidents like respiratory system injuries, burns, etc.

Most commercial truck accidents are caused by fatigue on the part of the driver. When there is the presence of fatigue on the part of the driver, they may make fatal driving miscalculations as well as the truck driver to be sleeping at the controls. When it comes to truck accidents that are associated with driver fatigue, they take place in the middle of the after or early in the day. According to studies, grogginess after you wake up from sleep is very hazardous. Truck accidents related to fatigue are often the most serious. No wonder why the expertise of truck accident lawyers is a must.

Investigation is key right after any truck accident. Evidence can be preserved better when this process is done. Claims are only possible when there is proper collection of information. Some of these pieces of information include the trucker’s log book, location of the vehicle’s damage, the speed of both truck and car involved, the routine maintenance information of the truck, and prior infractions from the driver or transportation firm. Truck accident lawyers often require all of this information to make a solid case for you.

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